Welcome to 2016! In the case of an emergency, the exits are here, here… and here.

Welcome to a new year and hopefully a new chapter in my travel writing!

My resolution this year was not the usual ‘get fit’, ‘find a hobby’, ‘spend more time with family’. Oh no sir. Its probably not suprising to those who know me that my resoltion this year is to travel more!

What I mean is that I always intended to do lots of small trips from London, but now I’m really in a position to start taking it seriously. More specifically, my goal is to get out and about approximatley once a month – for at least a weekend away – AAAND to write more about it!

I figure once a month is doable; every payday I can book a cheap weekend away for the following month – preferably to travel as soon as possible after the next months Payday (while I’m still feeling rich). Even if i’m strapped for cash the rest of the month, at least I have a trip to look forwad to!

To prove how serious I am to see this resolution through, I spent the first weekend of January in Paris for New Years, and I already took advantage of the January flight sales and booked a super cheap trip to Iceland in May –  which I’m so excitied about! (I’ve been busting to go there for a while)

I’ve also been tossing around the ideas of visiting Amsterdam in late February and possibly a driving holiday to somewhere in the UK over the Easter long weekend in March. Cornwall perhaps? Or Wales? I’m also seeing about lining up a week somewhere in the Greek islands in June. Thats almost the entire first 6 months sorted! (Don’t worry April, we’ll find you something)

Its pretty obvious that the travelling is going to be the easy part – its the writing thats going to challenge me the most. Its hard work!

I just took a look back and saw my last publication was in September (shame!!). In my defence, what you don’t see is the several drafts I’ve tried to write inbetween but have never published. In my time in London I see and do lots of cool stuff that I could write about. So why don’t I? I don’t know, the usual excuses – time, resource, writers block, lack of photos, anxiety, self-doubt, blah blah blah.

More like ,”lack of committment” buddy!

So this year I’ve given myself a proverbial bitch-slap and a firm talking to to get my sh*t together. For your sake, and mine, lets hope something sinks in this time because it would be such a waste not to share all the amazing travel experiences I’m gonna have this year! I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

p.s. any feedback on what you would like me to write about would be fantastically awesome and helpful. Thanks readers – all 3 of you!

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