Things that “pushed” me to travel

Have you ever traveled just to get away from something?

It is said that your motivation to travel somewhere is effected by both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ elements. You can be pulled to a destination by good marketing, fabulous images, key attractions or wild stories from friends who have seen and done amazing things. At the same time, there are also elements that push you to travel; a need for warmer temperatures, to relieve stress, missing family, to have new social interactions, to achieve prestige, or for self discovery.

There is no denying there were plenty of pulling factors which influenced where I went when I took off travelling last year. Have no doubt, marketing well and truly works. I was surprised (not in a bad way) that none of the places I visited where what I expected them to be. I had been dreaming of seeing the likes of New York, Paris and the Greek Islands for years, and I’m so thankful to have seen, breathed and touched these places for what they really are  – and I appreciate and love them more for it.

What I didn’t really consider much at the time was that there were so many things pushing me to go that I was already squashed up against the door by the time I was able to get open it and get out. Here are my five biggest push factors to go travelling – perhaps you can relate to some of them too:

1. I felt like my life was stagnating


You know that feeling – routine. The same old stuff every weekend, and week after week sailing by without really noticing cause it all blurred into the same old thing. Watch the same shows, do the same things at the same time each day. Just living to work. I felt I was merely existing. I yearned for variety and spontaneity.

2. Everyone had settled down


I had reached that age in Perth where most of my friends and colleagues were either married or in long term relationships and starting to have families and mortgages. They spent a good amount of their spare time working on and maintaining their houses and properties or spending time with their kids. Most people my age in this city had settled, which is fine. But I wanted to dance, explore, and have all the adventures I should have had in my twenties. I needed to escape the cultural pressure and expectations to ‘settle’.

3. My self esteem had just been beaten to a pulp


I had two very serious long term relationships over the past decade that both ended horribly. I started second-guessing everything I said and did. I started questioning my decisions and my reactions. I threw myself into work and lost track of life. I felt like I didn’t know who I was, and I needed to find myself and accept and love that person before I could move on. I couldn’t do that from within the shell of the life I had built for myself in my home town. I knew I had to embark on a journey and see where it led me.

4. My city had grown too small for me

dull and boring

It is small enough that I had seen it all from top to bottom and inside out. Every place has a memory for me. A lot of people knew me. Its not unusual to bump into friends or ex-boyfriends anywhere you go in Perth. I longed to see new scenes, know a different way of life, to know what other people considered a  ‘normal’ way of life.  I needed to see if there was a better place out there for me.

5. I missed family


I had nieces and nephews in England that I wanted to spend quality time with. A two week holiday to the other side of the world every second year just wasn’t cutting it. The kids grow so fast, and I was missing out on being a part of their lives. I needed to spend time with my sister and brother too. I needed a decent amount of time overseas to dedicate to them, and in turn enrich my life as well.


For all these reasons, I was so glad I finally got out there. What kind of things do you think pushed you to travel?






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