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A new chapter begins

Today’s the day. Tonight I take a one-way flight out of London and this chapter of my life living in the UK will officially come to an end.

Saying goodbye to London

As of writing this, I have 6 weeks left before I make another major move in my life – leaving London/ the UK, and migrating back to Aus. Back to the sun, lots of...

Hi, my name is Jude and I’m a travel addict

We just got back from a wonderful week’s adventure in Croatia and Montenegro. Three days later I was hitting up Skyscanner and texting my partner with affordable destinations for another trip in 6 weeks time....

Traveling vs wandering

Traveling vs wandering

Yes i’m starting this blog a little late. Or maybe I’m not, depending on how you look at it. I’m in my early thirties and have been lucky enough to spend a year away...