Still alive and kicking

Sorry readers for being absent for so long. When I travelled to Costa Rica in August I broke my finger (I’ll fill you in on the story in another post) and haven’t been able to type for a while. Shortly after that I arrived in my new hometown in England and have been busy with all the excitement, stress, frustration and fun of settling into a different country. I’m happy to be finding time in my schedule to do some writing now. Also with some TLC and physiotherapy, all my fingers can now keep up with me on the keyboard!

I’ve got some great stories to tell of my adventures in Costa Rica and a few more tips and tricks that I’ve learned that will soon fill this space. I’m also starting to explore various parts of England and the United Kingdom, with a visit to Sheffield last week and a weekend in Dublin scheduled in late November, so I have plenty of fodder to start posting about.

Also over the coming months I’ll be blogging my thoughts an experiences about planning for my next big travel adventure – a three month trip starting July 2015. Starting from scratch, I’m preparing to start saving British pounds, start researching where I want to go, what to experience and how I’m going to get there. Of course I’ll be sharing my lessons and tips right here, in hopes of inspiring you to start planning exciting travels of your very own!

And to those readers who have kept visiting and left comments during my online absence, thanks for your support and nudging me back to work!

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