Short but sweet in Kuala Lumpur

With a sigh, I plop myself on the cool grass to rest my feet after a full day of walking around. I’ve got a great view of the KLCC Simfoni fountains, under the famous Petronias Twin Tower. As I’m watching the water rhythmically spraying about in pretty patterns, the haunting song of the call to prayer echo’s through the city. It wasn’t until then that I actually remembered that this is a Muslim country.


My stay in KL has been more of an extended layover of two nights, with really only a day to properly explore the place. Even so, I’ve managed to get around, do some shopping and see a few interesting things. I seemed to have caught a cold on my flight over but I wasn’t going to let that stop my fun. Ensuring I was stocked up on all the right drugs, I got my booty out the door determined to make the most of my stay.


My first accomplishment was navigating the free city buses which circle the key sights of the city. The purple line includes Sentral Station (central public transport connection) and Bukit Bintang (a major shopping district). The green line includes KLCC (twin tower and shopping district). You can swap from one to the other. I didn’t see a lot of other tourists using this bus service though. It could be because there are no announcements of which stop you’re at, so its a bit of a guessing game unless you pluck up the courage to ask someone, and then pray to god they speak English (which most of them do I discovered).

In my short time in KL I visited Bukit Bintang which is a great shopping area. If you’re looking for electronics, Low Yat shopping centre at Bukit Bintang is famous for bargains. I felt was like a little seal pup swimming into the den of sharks though. You could see the merchants eyes light up when they spotted the tourist. I had to keep my wits about me and my hands on my handbag the entire time. Even so, I managed to get what I wanted cheaper than I would have if I purchased it back at home.


A quick coffee break and then I hot-footed it over to KLCC within about 15 minutes. There is nothing better to absorb the sights, sounds and smells of a new place then walking the streets. After leisurely wandering for a while, I eventually took the stairs up to the KLCC Skywalk and found my way to the convention centre and aquarium. More importantly, I spied a small sign pointing to the KLCC Park, and I’m so glad I did. It turned out to be a central city oasis with lots of fountains and an amazing playground that would exhaust any enthusiastic child (I was tempted).


It was when I was exploring this park that I stumbled across the Simfoni Fountain. Its a good spot for photos of the Twin Tower. There is also another great big shopping mall here but I just about had my fill of retail therapy for the day. I don’t think I was the only one feeling this way, judging by the crowd of people taking it easy by the fountain. I was pleasantly surprised when at about 8pm we were treated to a fantastic light and music display over the water, which I only guess is a pretty regular thing.


Although short, my experience in KL has given me a tasty cutlural appetiser to my travels. After five months feeling like I was gathering dust waiting to get back on the road, it felt good to stretch my legs and get my travel senses going. Lets see what the next few months of wandering will bring!

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