Photoblog: Ghent, a taste of Belgium

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  • Ghent art 2

Last weekend I had the pleasure of a short weekend trip to sample of bit of Belgium and ended up in the small city of Ghent, a place Lonely Planet describes as:

Ghent is one of Europe’s greatest discoveries – small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant. It has enough medieval frivolity to create a spectacle but retains a gritty industrial edge that keeps things ‘real’. Tourists remain surprisingly thin on the ground, yet with its fabulous canalside architecture, wealth of quirky bars and some of Belgium’s most fascinating museums, this is a city you really won’t want to miss.

Ghent blue door house


Armed with a decent camera, good walking shoes, and Irene Reids helpful and informative guide Strolling Around Ghent, I set out to see and learn as much as possible about this old Medieval town, and to practice my photography skills!

Ghent rainbow

Ghent canal night 2


I found Ghent had the feel of a safe and welcoming village, with all the mod-cons and services of any modern city, captured within ancient and beautiful buildings set along winding canals, which made for romantic views any way you looked.

Ghent bike canal


Although the middle of winter, it was spectacular and beautiful – I can only imagine how amazing it would be in the budding of spring, or with the warm air and green grasses of summer.

Ghent pastries

Ghent canal willow


I love seeing street art, and was lucky enough to stumble upon the Tweebruggenstraat, one of several places in the city where street art is allowed. There is apparently a whole walking tour of Ghents’ street art, but I only found out about that by the time we had arrived back. Maybe next time!

Ghent art 3

Ghent art 2


Although it was cold and highly tempting to park oneself in one of the many quirky pubs and sample all the delicious and extraordinary beers the country has to offer, the history of the city is fascinating and ancient and it was well worth exploring the many winding streets. The city has the most listed buildings in Belgium and the largest car-free area amongst its central public squares.

Ghent glass half full

Ghent square


Ghent is well worth a visit. It’s only 30 minutes by train from Brussels, so don’t overlook this city on your way to Bruges! I certainly hope to return one day 🙂

Ghent and me



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