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It’s the end of another weekend. Reality kicks in and reminds you that you can’t stay up all night watching episodes of True Blood cause you need to get up early tomorrow and drag your poor ass into work.

After a year of carefree travel, I’m back to my 9-5 job. Its a necessary evil. In order to earn the big bucks that fund my travel, I need to sit on my bum all day and stare at a computer most of my waking hours. I’ve only got another 9 weeks to go but it already feels like I’m wasting away, and I find myself longing for the days where every day felt like the weekend.

Its times like this that I need to connect back to my bigger goals and remind myself what I’m doing all this for.

The other day I had a meeting with the directors that I was chairing and I was starting to feel the tension and anxiousness that used to be my constant companion before I┬ástarted seriously travelling. ┬áSo the day of my meeting, I wore this shirt saying “Keep Calm and Travel The World” to motivate and remind me of what’s important, and to not to fall into the trap of taking work too seriously.

Keep calm and travel the world

I’ve also been picking up a lot of travel meme’s on facebook and twitter lately that have been inspiring me to focus on my true passions. Here are a few of my favourites.

image image image image image


What are some ways you keep yourself motivated while working towards your travel dreams?

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