Hi, my name is Jude and I’m a travel addict

We just got back from a wonderful week’s adventure in Croatia and Montenegro. Three days later I was hitting up Skyscanner and texting my partner with affordable destinations for another trip in 6 weeks time. Within hours I had an ideal destination in mind, and was waiting impatiently for agreement to make the bookings.

“I’m still riding the high from this holiday; why don’t we wait until we feel like we need a break before we book the next one?” he says.

…Say what?!

“Because…” I retort, a little taken aback, “…I never want to wait to come down from a ‘holiday high’; I want to stay as high as I can all year!”.

Who wouldn’t, right?

“Wow, you really are a travel addict”, he replies with a shake of his head and a sigh of resignation.

Hey now, I wouldn’t go that far. It’s not an addiction…. Is it??

I tell everyone I’m a ‘traveller’. That’s because even if I’m not actually travelling, I need to be at least planning for it or I will start to go a bit cray-cray. In other words, cranky and depressed and generally unpleasant to be around.

At the beginning of each year as the world plods back to work hungover from New Years, I’m mentally working out how to divvy up my annual leave and flicking through my work calendar, merrily dropping in ‘tentative’ placeholders to the beat of whatever Christmas carol is still running through my head.

Even at this point in early September, I know I’ve still got three short trips to organise for the rest of the year; the above mentioned one in October, a weekend in November, and a long weekend for my birthday in December.

Well, this last one I’m not organising… I actually asked for a holiday as my present this year! The anticipation is killing me though. Seriously. To my dismay, I’ve discovered I don’t like not being in control of organising a holiday. Surprised? Those who know me wouldn’t be!

Anyway, in addition to this I’ve also put a placeholder for a NYE trip (as is tradition), and got an outline idea in my head for two big trips planned for end of January (possibly El Salvador) and for April next year (to re-visit Scotland and Belgium).

If this seems a little over-the-top, it probably is. But it helps me to keep pretending like I’m still living the life of a nomadic traveller – like I did when I travelled for a whole year in 2013 – although now I’m anchored to a city and to a job to keep funding it all. At least living in London allows me to keep a foot in both these worlds.

As we return from our trip and plummet back into the reality of responsibilities and careers, I know I will easily and quickly lose the high from a holiday with the mediocrity of the daily routine of earning a wage and paying the bills.

So instead, I’ve already set myself six weeks to research, plan and execute my next holiday. I can willingly and gleefully throw myself into imagining and anticipating this next adventure, whilst at the same time riding the ‘high’ of this past holiday; sorting my most recent holiday photos and milking all the stories and anecdotes for all their worth – largely in this blog!

Whether it’s addiction or an obsession, or maybe a bit of both, I think it’s perfectly okay. I don’t believe i’m doing it to avoid ‘real life’; it’s just my coping mechanism to tolerate it.

Running this blog also helps me prioritise travel. Ensuring I continue to have content that I can write about is a great motivator to ensure I have the next adventure planned.

Let’s just say regular travelling is what I need to do for good mental health, and leave it at that!

The lesson here though is that I shouldn’t expect my partner, or anyone else, to need to travel as much as I do. So we both agreed that I would factor in a few solo trips in my planning, and he will stay home and save some pounds for some (other) things that keep him happy.

What you think – at what point would you say someone is ‘addicted’ to travel?

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