Four simple items for a better flight

Preparing to take a flight? Besides the usual essentials you would take on-board, such as a book or kindle, ipod, noise-cancelling headphones, money, wallet and passport, there are a few simple things you may not think about taking with you that would really make a difference to your travel experience. Here are four items I have learned to always bring with me for an smooth and enjoyable flight:

1. A pen
Don’t you hate those annoying landing cards you have to fill out each and every time to fly to a new country? I found it that little less inconvenient by keeping a pen handy, ideally close to my boarding pass and passport, and filling in the form as soon as possible while on the plane. Getting it done and out of the way early makes for a much smoother entry on the other side.

2. Travel tissues
The recirculated air on the plane blasts out and starts drying out my sinuses even before i’m settled in my seat. I always take one or two packets of travel tissues in my satchel that I store under the seat in front of me. While waiting for everyone to board I take a pack out and stuff it in the pocket in front of my seat so its within hand reach.

3.Lip balm
Too often I’ve landed in a new country with cracking lips. I think its the combination of dehydration from flying as well as the recirculated cabin air. Like the travel tissues, I keep lip balm within arms reach during my flight. Just keep in mind you may have to bring it on-board in a zip-lock bag to get through security but its definitely worth it.

4. Baby wipes
Especially for longer flights, a travel size packet of baby wipes with a resealable lid can become a godsend. Take it into the wash room with you on your flight and wipe yourself over for a good refreshing substitute to a shower.

Are there any other things you’ve learned not to fly without?

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