I’m Jude, an Aussie girl in her thirties with her mind set on travelling the world, following her spirit, seeking inspiration, discovering, enjoying, relishing, cherishing, and really living!

I grew up on the west coast city of Perth – one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. I spent many a day in this sunny city studying or working, gazing out the window and dreaming of all the places I wanted to go someday. I worked hard at a career (and a couple of relationships) through my twenties, earned a year of leave off work and saved my pennies so that I could break out of the stagnant daily cycle of working life, and have a grand adventure seeing the world.

That’s when I discovered; I really love being a nomad. I’m happiest when i’m on the road to somewhere or something new and different. I relish in having to adjust to new surroundings, meet new people, and learn new ways to do things. I never wanted to stop! While I was ready there and then to throw everything in and live on the move, the dwindling figures in my bank account kinda set my feet back into the murky waters of reality.

Being on the move can be tough financially, especially after I’ve spent almost a decade in professional stable career with a steady income. I’m used to earning my dollars the ‘easy’ way – with my mind and my fingers on a keyboard. Unfortunately, my profession is not something I can easily pick up and take with me as I move around the world.

Now that I’ve discovered this passion for travelling, I’m reassessing my career and lifestyle in an attempt to try and get-my-cake-and-eat-it-too. Can I earn a living while on the road? Do I need to give up my career to pursue this passion? Will I need to start from scratch again in a new line of work? Can I just win the lottery?!

Make no mistake, I’ll be out there travelling again soon and blogging about it. In the meantime, this website gives me a chance to keep my virtual feet and hands in the travel community, to share what I’ve learned, to inspire others to travel, to hopefully connect like-minded people out there and to remind me on what makes me happy!

Thanks for visiting and for your support!

bok choy

Jude 101:

  • I’m apparently related to the pirate, Captain Kidd. Maybe that’s why I want to keep heading for the horizon?
  • I love hiking. I love mountains. Put the two together and I’m in heaven.
  • Add wildlife to the above equation and I’ll never leave.
  • I have a saxophone, and I used to play, but its not the type of instrument that lends itself to travel.
  • The beach? I’ll be there in a heartbeat.
  • My pet hate – people hanging coat hangers on door knobs! Seriously, how do expect to shut the door properly?
  • I am a biologist on paper, but work in environmental policy and law. I also have an expensive piece of paper that qualifies me in Sustainable Tourism; I think I should wave this one around a lot more.
  • I go weak at the knees at the sight of a cute dog.
  • Have I mentioned that I’m a geek? Star Trek, Stargate, Marvel comics, ComiCon – any of it, I’m all over it. I’m also a ‘Hiddlestoner‘ (fan of Tom Hiddleston, aka ‘Loki‘ in the Avengers movie). Lego Loki travels with me everywhere – as you’ll soon discover.
  • Snow is still a novelty to me. Yes I still squeal at the site of it.
  • Food with pork or pork-related products will always be a priority choice on the menu for me.
  • Bacon makes everything taste better.
  • If I eat too much of the above, you’ll find me running or cycling. Or swimming, if there is a beach.
  • Mykonos (Greek islands) has been my favourite destination so far, with Florence, the Grand Canyon, Prague and Yosemite National Park being close runner ups.
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