A traveller’s heartfelt thanks

Dear Starbucks,

You may not realise, but your omnipresence in almost every city of every country I’ve travelled to has probably been the cornerstone to my successful wanderings across the world.

Your green and white mermaid has served as faithful beacon in my darkest hour when I had no idea where I was supposed to be going. Your ever-reliable WiFi has kept me close to friends and family in far reaches of the globe and has shown me the way home countless times.

In every country your seasonal, holiday and cultural coffee menu’s keep things fresh, while your familiar old reliables such as my Grande Vanilla Latte gives me some comfort when I get overwhelmed in an unfamiliar new place.

I’ve sought sanctuary within your doors in all weathers; I always know you’ll thaw me when its snowing, let me drag my soggy shoes in in the rain, and share your air conditioning when its stifling outside. When I’m low, you’ve charged my batteries as well as my phone’s, especially in emergencies.

I always know you’re somewhere around the corner to help me with all my travelling needs, from researching hotels and tours to simply providing a place to rest my sore and weary feet.

Although I have met some of your critics out there from the elite coffee connoisseurs, you have a faithful patron in me. If ever you conceive some sort of international loyalty program for travellers, I’ll be the first to sign up.

Sincerest thanks from a wandering coffee addict.


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